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The Best Fence Installation in Irving Texas

For years, the Fence Builders of Irving TX has been rated the best fence company in eastern Texas. Our customers rave about how we set the bar for fencing materials, fencing installations, fencing repairs, affordability, and customer service. As local Texans, we take pride in providing the lone star state with 5-star fences! We have extensive experience with providing jaw-droppingly beautiful fences with utility and durability. For years, the people of Irving call Fence Builders for their professional fencing company.

Expert Fence Company in Irving Texas

Fence Builders is renowned for trademark fence installation services. Our professional team of fence installation experts provides Irving with our signature fences. From residential fence installations to residential fence installations, our installations come in all shapes and sizes. By selecting Fence Builders, you not only get meticulous attention to details, but you also get high quality service. Being homegrown Texans, our contracting team works with HOA’s and local property law codes to ensure your fencing installation is compliant with all legal matters to avoid any property issues. We offer educational consultations to make sure our customers get the best fence for their fence installation needs. Our contracts are transparent and assure you that your expectations will not only be met, but exceeded. From there, our Fence Builders installation team puts together your award-winning fence in a timely manner. Once your dream fence is completed, we put the stamp on our guarantee for 100% customer satisfaction with our extensive service warranty to assure you that your installation for your fence was completed with our gold-standard integrity.

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Custom Fences Irving TX

Are you looking for a fence that is truly one of a kind? Fence Builders creates industry-leading custom fences for Irving. Our catalogue has limitless possibilities for you to pick. Once you select your fencing materials, our customer service team walks you through our collection of base models. From there, you can add modifications to the design while implementing a diverse mix of styles, cuts, and colors to give you a personalized fence. Because our warehouse is nearby, we are able to hand craft your custom fence in house to give you an unparalleled work of art.

Fence Repairs Irving

Not only do we install the highest rated fences in Irving, but we also are famous for our fence repairs. If you were the victim of a poorly installed fence from a DIY project gone wrong, we can make it right. If your fence suffered damages from the Texas elements, we can fix it. We fix any and all kinds of fences, and just like our fence installation services, our Fence Builders fence repairs come with an extended warranty to give you peace of mind and a revitalized fence!

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Gate Repair Irving

Do you have a gate that was installed and is no longer functional? Perhaps it doesn’t close, allowing unauthorized personnel unlimited access into your property. Maybe your fence won’t open, making it impossible for anyone to get in. Your gate might even screech like nails on a chalkboard! If your gate is in need of repairs, our gate technicians are here to the rescue as gate repair is our speialty. Fence Builders can repair your malfunctioning gate so you can get a fully functional, long lasting gate that will upgrade the security of your property!

Balcony Railing Irving

Fence Builders is also your go-to team for balcony railing installations. Our team can weld a balcony rail to install in your Irving home and repair that liability of a broken rail in your hotel complex. After all, having a Fence Builder balcony rail makes your multi-story building safer.

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How Do We Compare To Other Fence Companies In Irving Texas?

We set ourselves apart from the other fencing companies in Irving because of our unmatched excellence with customer service.

Some fencing companies are paid in commissions, meaning that they will try to persuade you into buying the most expensive fence, even if it’s not the best fit for you. At Fence Builders, we believe that your fence is like a pair of pants; it ought to fit just right! We educate our customers on all of their fencing options, including materials, styles, cuts, designs, and colors, through our free comprehensive consultation. We also walk our customers through their fencing contracts so that the expectation is transparent. You deserve to know that you are getting what you paid for-the best fences in Irving!

Not only do we go the extra mile with our customer service team, but we also are affordable. To start, we offer extensive interest-free payment plans to match any budgets or financial situations for our customers. That way, you do not have to be in a crunch to purchase all of your contracted fencing services up-front. We thrive on making the entire process hassle-free for all of our clients so they can focus solely on how happy they will be with their Fence Builder fences. In regards to our material pricing, because our local warehouse has close proximity to Irving TX, we are able to source our parts to you in a timely manner while saving you on the cost of parts. This means that you get great value because you get premium grade materials without the premium grade price.

Even better, we are the gold standard for Irving Texas fencing services because of our service warranty. As our promise that you got the job done right the first time with excellence, we offer complimentary warranties to all installation and repair services. We also keep receipts of services so that if you accidentally misplace yours, we are able to access and honor your service with prompt warranty work. This guarantees that you get a fence with quality and longevity.

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Why Choose Fence Builders Irving?

As you can see by our comparisons, there is no fencing company that compares to the Fence Builders. Our unbeatable customer service makes us a customer favorite. We thrive on the countless customer referrals sent our way. People are telling their family and friends about the outstanding experience that they received by their neighborhood Fence Builders. Because of their recommendations for our services, we are thankful for the loyalty of our clients!

When you get a fence installed or repaired, you deserve only the absolute best in the business. After all, this is more than just your fence: you are talking about your security, your privacy, your home, your business, your peace of mind, and your individuality. When you invest in your fence, you invest in all of these things. You wouldn’t trust your investment with just anyone, would you? Fence Builders is aware of this, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure your fencing needs are treated with excellence and dedication.

Fence Builders is also a proud supporter of our military. We offer discounted rates to our active duty and veterans as our way of thanking you for your service to our country!

Irving Fences

Our Irving Fence Builder catalogue boasts some of the best fencing inventory in the business. We have an assortment of fencing materials to choose from, as well as popular models to give you a glimpse into your fencing possibilities:

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We have access to all kinds of wood to give your property that traditional aesthetic. We build fences made from A+ rated oak, spruce, pine, fir, maple, specialized maple, cedar, cypress, and redwood products. All of our wood fence materials are professionally treated and finished by our team to give you durability. If you are a first-time homeowner looking for a simple yet signature fence for your yard, Fence Builders recommends a cedar stockade panel fence.


For great value, there isn’t much that beats PVC fencing. Its anti-weathering material is created through polymerization, where vinyl is scientifically combined with sturdy materials to give you a maintenance-free fence. It comes pre-colored and cut for easy installation. The three most utilized PVC fence designs include our picket, lattice top, and post and rail styles.


Coveted for its strength and elegance, iron fences give you durability and beauty. This isn’t much that can beat the classiness of a hand-crafted wrought iron fence around a home that matches its architectural prowess. Our galvanized metal is a big reason our chain-link fences are built for the long haul.

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We Serve All Kind of Needs

Commercial Fencing

Your business is our business. Having a commercial fence allows you to maximize productivity and generate revenue for your commercial property.

Residential Fencing

Protect your home with our residential fencing services. Residential fences provide security and privacy without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Fun fact: having a residential fence for your home increases its market value in today’s white hot real estate industry!

Privacy Fencing 

Maintain the sanctity of your home by installing a privacy fence. Our panel fencing styles will keep eyes out of your space so that you can obtain confidentiality within the confines of your property.

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Pool Fencing

If you are a homeowner with small children or pets, our pool fences can keep them from accidentally falling in your pool and risk drowning. If you are a property manager of a community pool, your apartment complex or community center will benefit from having a pool fence to restrict access to authorized guests so that your pool is secure.

Yard Fencing

In addition to security and privacy, your yard fence will increase your home’s market value because people naturally gravitate to homes with fences around the yard. It establishes a definitive sense of home and property, and our extensive experience with yard fencing makes us Irving’s #1 yard fence installation company.

Security Fencing

We are experts at securing your property. We offer solutions if your construction site needs to secure your zone to keep workers safe and avoid liability from unsuspecting passersby. We can install cutting edge technology to create fences that protect your premises. We also keep homeowners safe by reducing their risk of becoming victims of burglary.

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Sport Facility Fencing

Fence Builders installs fencing for all kinds of sports facilities. We cheer on the home team with our tennis court fences, outdoor basketball court fences, baseball dugout and field fences, and more!

Agricultural Fencing

We have all of your farming fencing needs covered here at Fence Builders. Do you need a quality post and rail fence to keep your livestock from roaming too far? Are there trespassers messing with your crops who need to be kept out with a barbed wire fence? We have the fence for you!


Upgrade your fence by pairing it with a gate. From driveway gates in your home to restricted access high-tech gates that require electronic gate keys, our reputation for gates in Irving is second-to-none!

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As you can see, the possibilities are endless! For some, having this many great options can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry! You are in good hands when you are speaking with our customer service representatives. We can help you find your fencing solutions through our free consultations. There is no pressure; only a fence that is tailored specifically to you.

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Top-rated Fencing Company Texas

If you are ready to get an award-winning fence of your own, give us a call or complete our online submission form for prompt service from one of our Fence Builder customer service professionals. Not sure where to start? We answer any and all inquiries with free consultations and estimates. Our highly trained team is here for you to make sure you are getting a top-rated fence from the top-rated fencing company in Irving TX. Come see why everyone is picking Fence Builders for all of their fencing needs!